hey! welcome to my neocities. this is my first neocities, so sorry if it looks funky... lol

jly is supposed to be a shortened version of my username, jellyfimsh. thats my username on pretty much everything... jajaja! i adore jellyfish, my favourite ones are aurelia auritas, chrysaora quinquecirrhas, & irukandjis! did you know? the most dangerous jellyfimsh is also the smallest one? it's the irukandji jellyfish! it's around the size of a dime, they're 1 or 2 cm big in total! they also kill more people in a year than sharks do; their stings can send you into a heart attack & kill you! it's pretty interesting, actually.

i'm a big fan of music of mostly every type! my favourite artists are lovejoy, wilbur soot, kimya dawson, car seat headrest, and coldplay :) i'm a big fan of wilbur soot, i really like mammalian sighing reflex & the egirl triology. my favourite songs of his are karen please, screensaver, internet ruined me, dropshipped cat shirt, and i'm in love with an egirl. my favourite lovejoy songs are call me what you like, the fall, normal people things, it's golden hour somewhere, and privately owned spiral galaxy. i know posg is a cover, but it's still one of my favourites!